And Like That They Were Gone

The Sunday after the Expo, Colin Johnson along with his father, uncle and girlfriend came to see what we had left in the sale pen. Colin bought our Expo consignment last year and had good success with her winning the breed at his county fair as well as being named Reserve Supreme Champion. It was great being able to look at the heifers with them and I really appreciate how they look at them. Colin and his uncle are the ones that pick out the show cattle and his dad gathers the thoughts and talks out a plan. We only had two heifers left in the sale pen. One was hopefully a heifer that you have seen on the site Celeste and the other was a flashy end of March heifer sired by Gold Nugget named Kim K. When the Johnson’s left they were for sure taking Kim and had a hold on Celeste. Colin called later that night to let me know they would take both. I have always heard repeat customers are the best customers so I am very excited we have our very first repeat customers! Be sure you check out Double J Herefords on Facebook.

Celeste 11-25-12 low res

JJB CELESTE 7Z ET is sure to be a favorite at Double J for years and years to come. She is sired by Advance S109 and our of the 173P cow who is the dam of Lock-N-Load and full sister to the dam of Revolution. She has one heck of a pedigree and is a very impressive heifer.

kim k to johnsons site

We weren’t even able to get the picture of this heifer on the site before they came and snatched her up!

JJB KIM K 14Z is a heifer that I have had a bit of a crush on for a while now. She is sired by Gold Nugget and out of a Battle Ground daughter that goes back to Online. This heifer has all the style you could ask for and a butt to go with it (hence the name).

Thanks to the Johnson’s for their purchases and faith in our cattle.

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