Calving Wrapped Up and Steers Almost Finished

Well it has been a long time since I have written a post and I have a very valid excuse… I got superstitious. This is something that isn’t new to me. After I hadn’t made a new blog post for a while and things were going well so I figured why chance it! The 2013 calf crop is the biggest and best yet. We have 19 calves on the ground with 9 Bulls 8 heifers and 2 that might be Free Martins. Everything didn’t go entirely as planned but has turned out very well. We are excited to show off these calves as they grow.

This calf crop is the first out of our 0001 herd bull that we purchased from Perks Ranch. 0001’s full sister is the Ramona cow owned by Perks and Langford’s whose first calf sold for $100,000. The bull calves out of 0001 are a sight to see, they are stout with lots of shape and style with a boatload of hair. We only got one heifer but she is easily the best the cow has had. So far the purchase looks like it might have been a great one.

We also have a nice set of ET calves on the ground. We have a bull and a heifer out of our donor Lucky and Revolution. The Lucky x Revolution mating has balanced out the positives and negatives of both resulting in some flashy, powerful little babies. One of the others is a 1/2 sib to being sired by Revolution and out of the great Rocking Erica cow, she is about as complete as you can make one. To round out the ET calves we have a full sister to Shock & Awe. We have named her Intensity and her name is very fitting. Intensity is one that you will be hearing a lot of down the road.

In preparation for next year we have had 5 embryos put into recips in Illinois and will find out soon how many of those stuck. Hopefully those results will be good and we can tell you all about them once we know they stuck (part of that superstition deal again).

The other big happening of late is the steers are getting closer to being finished! This is a very good thing as I am getting tired of the steers just being steers (they are rough on stuff). We are feeding out 12 steers this year. While we may not get rich selling freezer beef being able to sell our family and friends great meat that they wouldn’t be able to get at the store makes the work worth it! We may end up with more to sell then we have buyers for so if you would like some beef please Contact Us and we will get you on the list.


This is one of the Free Martins and resident pet Carrie. Her name is Carrie because she is the twin to a bull calf that was much larger and left her only weighing 49 pounds at birth. When I weighed her I looked at Crystal and said “heck she could be your Carry On” as Crystal was getting on a plane the next morning, hence the name Carrie.

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