Denver Blog #1 – What a trip

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We had an adventure getting to Denver this year. We were scheduled to arrive Wednesday night but due to computer issues we weren’t able to leave until Thursday. Then on Thursday our flight was delayed so we missed most of the bull show but what is important is we made it! Once we got here I ran up to the hill to watch the rest of the show while Crystal went to work in the Vita Ferm tent down in the yards. The bull show was a sight with many bulls that had an opportunity to win.  The pen and carload shows were yesterday and the increase in numbers did not decrease the quality of the cattle. Very competitive show from top to bottom. Management practices become very apparent in the yards but they all have some good to them, to me it matters if they will do what you want them to once they get home. The National Sale was held in the arena this year and boy oh boy was it a hit! The arena was packed and some great Hereford cattle were sold. We bought a small share in a bull and I will post the video of him selling below. We are very excited to get back to the real world and figure out what cows we are going to breed him to. We have been snapping pictures and I will share a few today but many more once we get home. Female show is today and looks to be a great one.




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