When looking to diversify our operation and provide the best service to our customers all roads pointed to becoming feed dealers. There are a ton of great products on the market but when it comes to looking at what wins shows Umbarger is tough to beat. We get the feed in fresh from the mill in Indiana once a month to ensure our customers always have good product on hand. VitaFerm and Sure Champ have been a mainstay of our herd since it’s inception. The ability to be sub dealers of those great products through Umbarger makes this deal a home run. We include the products we sell the most of on our price list but if you have any interest in any of the others available please don’t hesitate to ask.

If you have any questions about the products we offer please call either Jon: 319-210-4645 or Crystal: 816-244-2394. We’d love to hear from you.