Hay Jude – JJB goes to K-State

Most of you that know me know that I did not go to K-State. However,  Crystal did and Manhattan, Kansas is the place she calls her American home. Her love for K-State is one of those things that if she likes it, then I like it and I do have to admit that the Little Apple has grown on me. This fall before the Star Lake Dispersal when Crystal asked if I thought my dad and grandpa would make a donation to her alma mater’s herd I was pretty sure I knew the answer. The surprise came when dad said they would!  And the best part of the whole deal was when K-State purchased our cow, STAR JJB HAY JUDE 86U ET, to add to their Hereford herd.

K-State’s Purebred Unit runs a Hereford, Angus and Simmental herd. They recently held their 50th Annual Sale and Crystal and I were both impressed with the quality of cattle. It is nice to see a university continuing to put emphasis on their purebred herd, and giving the students the opportunity to use it as a hands on learning tool.

Today we got word that Hay Jude calved right on her breeding date and had a heifer calf just as she was suppose to. The other exciting news was that the K-State Purebred Unit  will be receiving a few straws of semen from the high selling bull in breed history, C Miles McKee 2103 ET, hope to be flushing her to him this spring. We feel this will be a great combination and can’t wait for 2015 to roll around so we can see those calves!

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