Losing happens…

A little while back Crystal told me that Christy Lee Couch was going to be calling me to do an interview for an article she was working on. This sounded exciting, when I asked what the article would be about Crystal told me it was about me losing my bid to get on the National Junior Hereford Association Board. At first I was reluctant, not getting on the board is easily one of the biggest failures I have experienced. Then I got thinking about it, maybe my insight will help someone else?

Losing something that you want so badly, that was voted on by your friends and then to have it announced in-front of everyone is a hard pill to swallow. There have been many great young people that I have witnessed drifting off into the shadows after such a loss. I was lucky to receive some great encouragement from a woman who I barely knew at the time, Mrs. Mary Barber. The day after the vote was announced Mary pulled me to the side and let me know that she didn’t want to see me get discouraged and quit after not getting on the board. Her son Jason who is now my brother-in-law had run for the Jr. Board and failed to get on as well. At the Tunica Jr. National the Barber twins had more success then anyone else… ever. She told me to keep my head up and never quit, there would be plenty of other wins in my future.

Sadly it took a while for Mrs. Barber’s advice to settle in. There were a few more bumps in the road after the Jr. National but once I finally got back on my horse the wins and good times started to roll and haven’t stopped. Click the picture below and flip to pages 20 & 21 to read the article. I hope that there is something to be learned from my missteps. We all need to do better then those who proceed us, this is how we achieve progress and progress benefits us all.

JJB Drive Article

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