The Royal and The Wildcats

This past weekend Crystal and I headed down to Kansas City to check out the American Royal Hereford show but also take in a football game. If you didn’t know Crystal graduated from Kansas State University and is a very proud Alum. So that of course means I get wrapped into all of this KSU madness. But the past few seasons following the Wildcats has been fun. One major reason is Bill Snyder, you see Bill was once a HAWKEYE! If you don’t like this team you might want to check your moral compass.  Can they run the table? Maybe, but the will all need to stay healthy. As Crystal and I witnessed first hand, once Collin Klein is out of the game it changes everything. When Sams took his first snap you could hear a pin drop in what was once a deafening stadium. But anyway enough of my KSU commentary, the real reason we went down was for the American Royal.

We didn’t have anything showing or anything like that we just wanted to catch up with friends and see some good cattle, and boy were there some good cattle. The heifer show was very strong with the Grand Champion being an awesome Online heifer that came from C&M Herefords. We didn’t get to stay around for the bull show because of the long drive ahead but the Butler Family from Missouri earned that Grand Champion honor. It is fun and highly motivating to see other young people being successful in the showring. We haven’t made the step up to show in a National show but I don’t think that we would have embarrassed had we ponied up… oh well there is always next year. I’ll leave you with a quick shot of the champion female line-up!

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